This Guy Alerted Authorities of Disaster Waiting to happen in Elphinstone Station in February

It is extremely disheartening for all to learn about the stampede at Elphinstone Station in Mumbai today morning which resulted in over 20 deaths and over 50 injured. There was a chaos at the station at around 10:30 AM amid sudden heavy downpour and people started rushing in a hurry which resulted in a stampede.

In the wake of the accident social activism is up and people are tweeting about the incident.


Warning This Tweet May be Disturbing

The reason Why it happened is largely pointing to authorities.

While the blame game has started and people are tweeting their condolences, this disaster could have been avoided if only the authorities had listened. Twitter user @manjultoons tweeted the possibility of a disaster since there is only one staircase to go up and down.


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