Game of Thrones is More Desi Than You Think

I belong to the 99% of population who has seen GOT and is crazy about it. With the Season 7, here is a list of connections of Game of Thrones with hamara pyara India. It’s always good to know that the show we are crazy about, is being created near us. With Jon Snow, not so Jon Snow anymore, we all also know some things.

1. Dragons were created in a Mumbai Studio.

Everyone’s favorite character in Game of Thrones, the 3 dragons were created in a studio in Goregaon, Mumbai.  The company is a subsidiary of Prana Studio, LA. Getting the dragons to life included a team of 800 people. They were asked to create characters, not creatures. Prana Studio is backed by Reliance Industries and Mahindra Group.

2. GOT merchandise are produced in Dehradun.

R S Windlass & Sons are among the few companies licensed to produce Game of Thrones merchandise, even Jon Snow’s iconic black coat and all the swords. The merchandise is produced in Noida, where the company has their textile mill.

Another Dehradun company, Lord if the Battles is also associated with the show creating the props and replicas.

3. The Costumes & Tents Of Game Of Thrones Are Made In Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Yes, that’s right. Rangrasons in Lajpat Nagar is the company behind all the lavish Lannister army costumes and tents, made right here in Dilli. Rangrasons were established in 1945 as a military ceremonial uniform suppliers.

Now they have worked on Iconic films including Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Alexander, Prince of Persia, Captain America, Wrath of the Titans, Avengers among others.

4. Valyrian Steel, inspired from Damascus Steel is found in South India.

The lethal sword made of Valyrian Steel, can take down the army of the dead (along with dragon stone, ofcourse) and its traits are inspired by Damascus Steel. It has a distinctive wavy pattern These blades got their raw material from India as well. it’s production ceased in 1750 and was found in Tamil Nadu.

Guess who is taking down the army of dead from beyond the wall?

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