81 Newborns Have Died in 51 Days in Rajasthan Hospital

In an extremely disheartening news, 81 infants have died in less than 2 months because of malnutrition, 37 of which were dude to the lack of oxygen during the delivery process.

The incident occurred in Mahatam Gandhi Chikitsalya in Banswara.

The Hospital Staff and Health chief has said they are undergoing each and every case.

This has happened in the backdrop of two such incidents.

  1. Over 60 children died in Gorakhpur Hospital due to disruption in the supply of oxygen
Gorakhpur Incident

2. At least 52 infants have died in 30 days in Jharkhand government-run Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College in Jamshedpur.

One Cannot Help but wonder. Highly Suspicious!


Lets See Kaun Iski Kadi Ninda Karta hai


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