35 Photos of Goa That Show What A Hippie Paradise It Really Was

Chances are you have made atleast one Goa that has failed. Everyone loves Goa for its parties and beaches, for some it’s second home, for some it’s a place to relax but what made Goa, Goa ? The smallest Indian state became the home of Hippies in the 70’s and 80’s and there were endless parties.

Full Moon parties were happening in Goa since the mid 1970, with sound systems carried by hands to far away empty (then) beaches, and stages erected for jam bands that played all night long concerts. Electronic music entered Goa in the 80’s and right about then, the legendary Anjuna Flea Market was started. There were a lot of drugs and very few rules.

Transcentral took the effort to collect the pictures of Goa from the 70’s and 80’s that shows us what a hippie paradise it was. Today, it’s just a commercial tourist hub we love, anyway.


  1. Party on top of Chapora Fort, 1988
Photo by Inge Danjuna

2. Party at Vagator Beach, 1987

3. Guy jumps for Frisbee at the End of a Full Moon Party at Anjuna Beach in April, 1983

4. Anjuna Flea Market, 1982  

Picture by Piers Ciappara

5. A Hippie at Anjuna Full Moon Party, 1982

6. Anjuna Beach Full Moon Party, January, 1978

7. Party on the front of Disco Valley, Vagator, Goa, 1988

Picture by Ray Castle

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8. A hippies dressed in Indian Dress, Vagator, 1978

7. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

8. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

9. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

10. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

11. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

12. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

13. Full Moon Party, Anjuna, 1983

14. The first Flea Market, Anjuna, Goa, 1970s

Picture by Jacques Lasry

15. Girl selling Hashish & Charas in Anjuna flea market, early 1970s

Photo by Michael Palmieri

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16. Calangute Beach, 1974

Photo by Scott Holocomb

17. Anjuna Flea Market, mid 1970s

18. Anjuna Beach, Goa, 1976

Photo by Michel Hilzinger

19. The Anjuna Jam Band – the first electric full moon party on the South end of Anjuna Beach 1976

Photo by Sunny Schneider

20. Selling Charas (Hashish) from Manali, LSD and jewellery in Anjuna flea market, Goa, 1976

Photo by Michel Hilzinger

21. Late 1977, Full moon party morning on South Anjuna beach

Photo by Sunny Schneider

22. Gilbert Garcia Band performing in a full moon party.

Photo by Sunny Schneider

23. Full Moon party in Anjuna Beach, Goa in January 1978

Photo by Sunny Schneider

24. Costume party in North Anjuna, Goa in the end of the 1970s

Photo by Jacques Lasry

25. Full moon party morning, Anjuna, Goa, 1979

Photo by Jacques Lastry

26. Full moon party morning, Anjuna, Goa, 1979

Photo by Jacques Lastry

27. Full moon party, Goa, 1979-80 season

Photo by Pam Frayer

28. Anjuna flea market, Goa, 1982 

29. Vagator beach in Moonlight,1976

Photo by Michel Hilzinger

30. Little Vagator, Goa, 1980

Photo by Jon Tizi

31. Party on top of Chapora Fort, Goa, 1988

Photo by Piers Ciappara

32. Full Moon party in Goa in mid 1970s 

33. Dancing in the sands of Anjuna Beach in the 1970s

Photo by Sunny Schneider

34. Finger Eddie with the band in New Years Eve party in the late 70s

Photo by Sunny Schneider

35. 1979 Anjuna Beach, December, 1979

Photo by Hauxwell Harland

The photos makes one want to time travel to go back in 70’s and relive those blissful days when Goa was truly Goa. Just to put things in perspective, this is Anjuna Beach today.

Image: Hohogoa.com
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