15 Unique Trains In India You Should Know About

India is known in the world for its uniqueness and there are a plethora of things that Indians can be proud of. One of those things is Indian railways which is one of the biggest employment industries of the country. Here’s a fun fact: The number of people traveling in Indian railways daily is almost equal to the entire population of Australia. That’s a heavy number, isn’t it? 

Anyway, railways in India also offer diverse passenger experiences in the form of some really admirable and unique trains that are bound to make an innovative impression of Indian Railways.

Here is the list of the most unique trains running on the tracks of the Indian Railways:- 

1.Mahaparinirvan Express

Source: Minar Travels

Mahaparinirvan Express was launched in 2007, and the aim was to attract Buddhist Pilgrims to the country. The train en route itself towards all the Buddhist sites across India and Nepal, and runs for a duration of eight days and seven nights. The train offers its passengers with three classes of travel – First class, two-tier, and three-tier. The per-person cost for 2nd tier for an Indian citizen is INR 62,800 and for a foreign national, it is $945. The fares for 1st Class are INR 76,800 for an Indian and for a foreign national, it is $1155

Source: Big India Travels

2. Samjhauta Express

Source: The Financial Express

Samjhauta Express or Friendship Express is a train dedicated to peace and agreement between Indian and its neighboring country, Pakistan. The train runs between Delhi and Attari in Indian and Lahore in Pakistan. The base fare for Ac 3 tier is INR 668 per person. It is a bi-weekly train and runs only on Thursday and Monday. 


3. Royal Orient Train

Source: indiatraveltiurs.com

This is one of the luxurious trains of the country running between Rajasthan and Gujarat. The train covers all the important tourist sites in the two states. Boarding this train will take you through a breath-taking journey and a royal sojourn will take you to the culturally rich states of the country. This train is developed on the theme of the Palace on Wheels. 

Source: indiatraveltours.com

4. Fairy Queen

Source: TripSavvy

As the name suggests, Fairy Queen is a train that will remind you of a journey taking you through the fairyland. It is one of the oldest rolling locomotives in the country and it is put in the category of heritage train. The train was started in 1855 and then its operations were stopped in 1908. In 1997, the operations were again resumed. The train starts from Delhi and goes till Alwar. The major highlight of the journey would be visiting the famous Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

5. Lifeline Express

Source: Rediff.com

The Lifeline Express or the Jeevan Rekha Express started with an aim towards a healthy India. This train reaches the places, which lack health infrastructure. This train can be very well called ‘hospital on wheels’. This mobile hospital reaches out to disabled people, instead of calling them to travel to their nearest hospital. This is an innovative Hospital on rails and the only one in the world. 

Source: Indian Express

6. Red Ribbon Express

Source: Aventure Magazine

As soon as we hear the name of the Red Ribbon, our minds start running in the direction of HIV and AIDS, and true to its name, this Red Ribbon Express was started to spread the awareness of these diseases only. The train with yellow, green, and red façade runs on a mission to make the citizens aware of the probable causes and treatment of HIV and AIDS.

7. Mahamana Express

Source: Economic Times

The Mahamana Express records its name in history as the first train started under the ‘Make in India’ project. Hailed as the first-ever passenger train to be upgraded in design, facilities, and looks, the Mahamana Express runs between New Delhi and Varanasi. The various amenities on the train include LED lights, exhaust fans, new toilet modules, discharged water taps, and many more to bless the passengers with a feeling of pride and luxury. 

8. Science express

Source: The FInancial Express

The uniqueness of this train lies in its design, concept, and goals. Science Express covers about 34 cities in the country and it is specially made for the Department of Science and Technology. The train was launched in the year 2007 and has already made its way to the Limca Book of Records six times in a row. This train with 16 AC coaches is a running science exhibition to educate people and make them aware about the climate change

Source: The Hindu

9. Maitree Express

Source: OneIndia

Maitree Express, which is locally pronounced as ‘Moitree Express’ is the first train with all modern amenities running between Dhaka in Bangladesh to Kolkata in West Bengal, India. As the name suggests, the train is a symbol of peace, agreement, and a new relationship between these two countries. The name Maitree was so given to connect the people on both the borders so that they can meet their relatives. 

10. Sri Ramayana Express

Source: Outlook India

Shri Ramayana Express is a special train with 10 coaches, where 5 are III tier AC and the rest of the five are sleeper coaches. The train was started with an aim to take the passengers across the entire Ramayana Circuit. The train runs for 16 nights and 17 days where the tourists can visit all the places associated with Lord Rama and his journey through the 14 years of exile. The package for sleeper class passengers is INR 16,065 per person and for AC passengers it is INR 26,775 per person. 

11. Maharaja Express

Source: Zee Business

Maharaja Express is known as one of the most luxurious trains. True to the name, the train has stunning interiors, far sought out amenities and each passenger is treated like a King and thus, the name Maharaja Express. The suites are created with top-notch vintage furniture, rich paintings, wall to wall carpets, and silk linen-wrapped beds. Further, the passengers are given modern facilities such as television, Wi-Fi, and round the clock attendants. Boarding this train, the tourists can visit all the historical sites of the country. 

Source: the-maharajas.com

12. Palace on Wheels

Source: Taj Voyages

Palace on Wheels gives you a true feeling of traveling in a Palace. It is one of the oldest luxury trains of the country and the entire journey in the train will take the tourists to the remarkable tourists sites of Rajasthan. The train is recognized and renowned for its warm hospitality and top-quality amenities. From the food to the bedding and the ambiance, everything will bring you the authentic and traditional taste of Rajasthan. 

Source: The Luxury Train Club

13. Deccan Odyssey

Source: Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey is one of the luxurious trains of the country that runs across the popular tourists’ destinations Mumbai, Tadona, Aurangabad, Nasik, Kolhapur, Ajanta Caves, and Goa. The entire journey through this train would last for 8 nights and 7 days. Boarding on the train will offer you complete luxury and it will be an enthralling experience to visit the places amidst such world-class amenities. 

Source: Indian Holiday Pvt Ltd.

14. The Golden Chariot

Source: New Indian Express

While we have luxurious trains for West and North, we have one amazing train running on the Southern railway tracks as well. The Golden Chariot takes you towards an enthralling journey through Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Tamil Nadu. From your seating to your desk, everything is created and designed according to a 5-star experience. If you are planning for an exotic journey towards the south, this is the train you should look forward to. 

Source: New Indian Express

15. Train 18

Source: Deccan Herald

Started in the year 2018, the Vande Bharat Express or the Train 18 designed and created under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. It is proudly and Indian semi-high speed intercity electric multiple units. Integral Coach Factory designed and built this train in a period of 18 months

Source: Deccan Herald

These unique trains are definitely a few new reasons to be proud of our country. If you know anything more about these trains, write to us here. 

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