11 Dressing Room Secrets Of Indian Cricket Team

Are you an ardent Indian cricket enthusiast? Do you think you know every story and every incident that happens on the field and inside the dressing room? If yes, you are possibly living in denial as there are quite a few secrets that have stayed safely within the four walls of the dressing room.

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Indian cricket is the epitome of excitement, thrill, fun, adventure, and amusement. One out of every three people is fascinated with this sport in India. The ecstasy and nerve stirring thrill of the sport excites every

cricket lover now and then. But there are certain super-funny and stimulating stories related to the Indian cricket dressing room that players mostly keep to themselves. Here are a few beans spilled over for pure fun, delight, and recreation.

1. Yuvraj Singh Pranked MS Dhoni

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There were quite a few mischief-makers in the dressing room, and Yuvraj Singh was one of them. Amongst many, MS Dhoni was also one of the victims of his pranks. Yuvraj used to gibe Dhoni saying that anybody can hit boundaries and over boundaries. Also, he used to mock Dhoni as ‘Bihari.’ When Dhoni started his terrific performances in Test Matches and ODIs, he started taking Yuvi’s taunts lightly and started giving back subtly. Eventually, both took it the right spirit and became the best of buddies in no time.

2. Sachin’s Pep Talk

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During the toss at World Cup Final of 2011, Sangakara’s call was not audible; hence the toss had been repeated. This act infused anger and stress amongst Indian players in the dressing room, and they expressed their fury and agony, considering it as a deceitful act. The players were so annoyed that they started losing focus on the game discussing this dishonest act. The maestro, Sachin Tendulkar, intervened in this situation and delivered a soul-stirring speech to restore focus on the game. The players got inspired, felt pepped up, and drew their minds towards the game. The Rest is a magnificent history; we all know!

3. Farokh Engineer’s Advice to Sunil Gavaskar Misfired

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In 1971, Sunil Gavaskar and Farokh Engineer were playing for the Rest of the World team in Melbourne. Farokh advised Gavaskar to not to get out for a duck as the walk back to the pavilion is the longest and most disappointing one. God had other plans. Farokh Engineer’s advice got misfired, and he was out for a duck.

4. Kapil’s Apt Reply to Dawood Ibrahim

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India Team was playing against Pakistan in Sharjah in 1987. Out of the blue moon, one day, Dawood Ibrahim visited the Indian cricketer’s dressing room and offered to bribe each player with a luxury car if they can beat their opponent. Before he could proceed further, Kapil Dev took charge of the situation and drove him out of the room heroically.

5. Prank on Virat Kohli

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Virat Kohli was extremely nervous and scared on his debut match. To enhance his spirit and reduce his edginess, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh decided to play a prank on him. They told Kohli that it is a custom to touch Sachin’s feet before the debut match and seek his blessings. Sachin laughed his heart out when Kohli touched his feet, and this light-mood prank curbed Kohli’s anxiety levels.

6. John Wright Clutched Sehwag’s Collar

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During the tenure of John Wright’s coachmanship, Virendra Sehwag was out of form and was playing carelessly. After a few cautions and ultimatums, Sehwag continued to throw his wickets to silly shots, and John Wright lost all his temper and grabbed his collar for the final piece of mind. It is assumed that this worked as a massive lesson for Sehwag, who improved his form and performances visibly thereafter.

7. Saurav Ganguly’s Emotional Outburst

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Once under the captaincy of Saurav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Nehra planned to prank him. They ganged up against Saurav, saying that the captain is spreading negative words against them in public forums, and hence they have decided not to play under him. Saurav being soft-hearted, emotional and polite, got very upset, emotionally disturbed, and decided to resign from the honorable post. When Yuvi and Nehra revealed their joke, Saurav was relieved and happy. To lighten the mood further, he chased all the players with a bat within the dressing room.

8. Ganguly and Tendulkar Nullified Betting Rumour

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In the 90s, during a series, Ganguly and Tendulkar sensed something on match-fixing and were quite disturbed with the news. However, they joined hands to nullify this rumor and come out with a clean chit. In the subsequent match, both the maestros, Ganguly and Tendulkar performed tremendously well, scored centuries, and helped India win with flying colors.

9. Sachin’s Pep Talk Yet Again

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The ace player of the Indian Cricket team, Sachin Tendulkar is known for motivating others. While playing for the second match in the 2003 World Cup, the entire team lost one after the other and was highly demoralized. Concerned by this and to surge their spirit and inner strength, Sachin Tendulkar requested them to huddle up and gave an enormously soul-stirring speech. This pep talk stimulated the entire team, and they performed well and reached the finals of that tournament.

10. Kohli and Dhawan’s Tiff

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During the Brisbane Test, Dhawan got wounded while practicing one day before the game. Due to this, Kohli came to bat before Dhawan and got dismissed, unfortunately. Kohli accused Dhawan of faking the injury and smashed him badly. Media blew the incident out of proportion, and Dhoni had to clarify the same in a press conference, labeling it as nothing but media hype.

11. Dhoni’s Retirement

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MS Dhoni’s retirement news was out amongst the team players much before it was released to media and public. It was shared in 2014, during the third test against Australia at the MCG. All his team members were highly emotional and upset with this unexpected news.
Enjoy these lesser-known secrets of the Indian cricket dressing room and share it with all the passionate cricket buffs.

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