This Is The Reason Why Indian Cricket Jersey Is Blue In Color

This article is written in collaboration with Gazal Khurana.

We all know the colour of the Jersey of The Indian Cricket Team, it has become a familiar
sight to our eyes but have you ever wondered why the colour of the Jersey of the Indian
Cricket Team is Blue?

In 1983, when India won World Cup, only white kits were allowed and over limit was 60 and not 50.

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The reason why cricket teams moved to colored jerseys happened on November 28, 1978 with Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket when a WSC West Indies XI took on WSC Australia XI for the first ever day-night match. This was the first time cricket was being played in colored clothes and the audience was delighted to see this. WSC Australians were dressed in wattle gold, while the WSC West Indians came out in coral pink. Over 50,000 people came to watch this match but it was only in 1992 world cup that official changed the color of the game.


Understanding other team’s jersey colours. The colour of Pakistan’s Jersey is Green because of the colour of their flag but the colour of Australian Jersey is Yellow and the colour of their flag is blue? The reason why the colour of Australian Jersey is yellow is because Green and Gold have been accepted both locally and around the world as Australian’s National Colours. The colours represent their strong environmental connections with land.
When the teams started playing one-day cricket in coloured Jerseys the administration had to decide the colour of Indian Team’s Jersey. Since there isn’t any National colour of India, the Tri colour of the Indian Flag was taken into consideration.

The first being Saffron, which stands for courage and selflessness, was a good choice but it was rejected as many Political Parties and Religions in the countries had Saffron as their
colour. The second was White which the administration cou;d not go for.

Green  anyway couldn’t be chosen as it was already selected by Pakistan. Then ‘Navy Blue’ the colour of the Ashok Chakra which has 24 spokes emerging from the centre was considered, which was officially selected as a primary colour, the colour signifies the oceans and the sky and thus is a symbol of the vastness- the vastness to achieve in sports, passion to perform and achieve unprecedented heights and yellow being the secondary colour of the Indian Jersey.

Over the years there have been many changes in the Jersey of the Indian Cricket Team. The colour shades have been changed according to the sponsors, tournament and the years but it is “Blue” that has remained constant throughout. “Men in Blue” became a symbol on which they could count on upon the warriors on the field. The trend “Bleed Blue” was also started because blue became such a rage in the Indian Fans. Orange is now the secondary colour of the Jersey.

Evolution of India Cricket Jersey


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