Shocking: Woman Raped In Broad Daylight on the Footpath in Vishakaptam, Onlookers Record Video Instead of Helping!


In a blood-curdling incident, a woman was raped on Sunday in broad daylight in full public view but none came to her rescue.

Worse, some of them, instead of stopping this incident, recorded the heinous act on their smartphones. The incident, which took place near a busy road in Vizag, has sent shockwaves across the country.

The allegedly drunk 23-year-old rapist, Ganji Siva, has been arrested and booked under Rape act section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.

The 20-year-old attacker, Ganji Siva, was allegedly drunk. Source: NDTV

According to reports, the victim was sitting under a tree on the footpath near the Railway colony which is a busy area.  A man spotted her sitting and thought it was an opportunity for him to force himself on her.

The entire act of crime was recorded by an auto-driver who called the police later. In the video, several onlookers are seen walking past as the woman is being raped; one person is even seen abruptly changing his course.


“The statements given by both were incoherent and inconsistent,” said police officer Madhusudanamurthy.

Despite the fact that his video helped the police in arresting the rapist, many believe that the auto-rickshaw driver could have tried to stop this crime instead of recording her getting assaulted.

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