No Entry for Indians: 7 Places in India where Indians Are Banned

Did you know that there are places in India where Indians themselves are banned? Well, it is shocking but yes!  India is apparently a democratic nation but there are few properties in India that do not allow Indian citizens to enter these places.

Read on to find out the Indian locations where Indians are banned!

  1. Free Kasol Café, Kasol
Source: YouTube

With the word ‘Free’ in their name itself, you’d at least expect this cafe to be open to everyone.  Kasol is famous for being a chill-out place for both foreigners and Indians but this cafe at Kasol decided to only serve people who hold foreign passports. The café owners justify their decision by saying that it is a café where foreigners come frequently and that previously a certain Indian group created a massive ruckus which brought a lot of disturbance to this place.

  1. Uno-In Hotel, Bangalore

The Uno-In Hotel was started in the year 2012 in collaboration with the Nippon Infrastructure to simply accommodate the increasing corporate population of Japan in Bangalore. However, its popularity increased in 2014 after various occurrences where Indians were allegedly stopped from entering their roof-top bistro by the hotel staff. Shortly, this hotel was shut down by Greater Bangalore City Corporation on charges of racial bias.

  1. Highlands Lodge (name changed), Chennai

Even though the lodge has been given the pseudonym ‘Highlands’, some people believe that it may perhaps refer to the ‘Broadlands Lodge’ located in Triplicane area of Tamilnadu. It is said that this lodge belonged to a former Nawab but it has a strange discriminatory rule that it will only serve customers with foreign national passports.

  1. “Foreigners Only” beaches, Goa

Quite a few Goan beach shack owners openly discriminate against Indians. They defend it by giving an arcane reasoning that they are trying to save bikini-clad foreigners from lustful gawking. Well, looks like only Indians are capable of “lustful gawking”.

  1. “Foreigners Only” beaches, Pondicherry

Not only Goa, Pondicherry also has private beaches that like to keep Indians at bay. Pondicherry is also a popular beach getaway in India. Its pristine beaches encompassed by the exquisite Indian and French architecture make it a favored spot for Indians and foreigners alike. However, just like Goa, some beaches in Pondicherry have been reserved solely for people who possess foreign passports.

  1. Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad

This is another Japanese restaurant in Ahmedabad.  Albeit a low-profile restaurant, this place doesn’t allow Indians and they only serve Japanese citizens. And you will be surprised to know that the owner himself is an Indian! When asked about the reason behind this discrimination, he said that he has appointed North-eastern girls as waitresses and the constant ogling at them by the Indian guests persuaded him to implement this rule.

  1. A residential complex (name withheld), Tamil Nadu

A residential complex situated near Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, Tirunelveli, is exclusively reserved for just Russians. It is shocking how owners, in the name of the ‘right to admission’, perpetrate such discriminating acts to the hosts themselves.

The question is: why such discrimination? While it is acceptable for organizations and hotels to reserve the right to admission but these property owners took this to a whole another level and what is being done here is utter racial discrimination and a breach of our democratic rights.

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