India Has The Highest Number Of Modern Day Slaves Globally

It’s hard to believe that the nation which reeled under the slavery for over 200 years and is now recognizing itself as an independent, republic nation is having 18 million slaves. Indeed, this is the truth about India, which does not go in line with “Achche Din”.

Interpreting the 2016 Global Slavery Index from the Walk Free Foundation, almost 1.4% population in India leaves under the slavery, which is as good as the entire population of Netherlands.


As the report explains the term Modern Slavery, it is a condition of exploitation where a person is not able to leave the place due to reasons beyond one’s control.

The same report throws the broader lights on global slavery paradigm. According to the report almost 46 million people across the globe lives under slavish conditions. How to kiss 46 million people 30.4 million people are living in the Asia-Pacific region. Countries that tops the list in numbers are India, Pakistan, China, Uzbekistan, and Bangladesh, while North Korea, Cambodia, and Qatar along with India have a high proportion of the population under slavery.


“All forms of modern slavery continue to exist in India, including inter-generational bonded labor, forced child labor, commercial sexual exploitation, forced begging, forced recruitment into non-state armed groups and forced marriage,” the report explained.

The report highlights various means of slavery including domestic violence, child labor, and sexual exploitation, underlining the most heinous of the women trafficking and child trafficking types. However, there is no exact number available in India. As per the reports, some 15 Indian states were surveyed during the process.

There are many unorganized factors in India still relies on slave labor. Among all others, the sex, construction, and manufacture, besides agriculture use the most number of slave labor.


The challenge in India is the law not differentiating between sex work and women trafficking, which does not allow to determine how many people are living in the sexual slavery.

The same survey elaborates on the forced marriages as well as kids forced to take up arms.

Also, it speaks amply about the brick manufacturing sector, which uses a maximum number of child labor.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan has the third largest force of slave in the country, which is estimated at approximately 2 million people, mostly forced into sex work and terrorism.

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