Attention Girls: Before getting Into Cab, Always Check This

Sadly, the stories of molestation are increasingly becoming common reflecting the decaying mental health of the society. In these times, its better to be cautious than regret later.

Statistically, it is frightening to know that over 92 women are raped everyday in India, which paints a very dark picture. No matter how much we protest or raise our voice, there is very little the government/ authorities will do and it is a sorry state but ultimately it will be your responsibility to be safe and aware.

Rape Map Source: Wall Street journal


Are you aware of the most common thing between rapes / molestation in cabs by drivers?

Child lock

Child Lock is a safety mechanism to prevent the kids to open the doors from Inside the car. When the child safety lock is on, you can not open the back door from inside, unless you turn it off. Child lock mechanism is different for different cars. In some cars it’s with driver’s controls, but for most of the cars, it’s fitted in the back door only. It’s so small that you might not spot it in case of an emergency.


Mostly, it can be switched on/off only when the door is already opened. It’s basically very small, which is mostly ignored by passengers while entering the cab. Next time you enter the cab, always check the child lock, or better ask the driver to open door from the inside.

Source: cabs24x7

How it works?

When you open the back door, you’ll see a little pin. To lock it, you just have to pop it back in. The door can then be only opened from the outside. To unlock, you must open the door, find the pin again and unlock it.

Referring to this video might help you spotting the child lock and checking whether it’s switched off or on.

Alternatively, you can also try opening the door from inside the moment you get in and before the trip is started. If the door doesn’t open from inside, ask the driver to remove the child lock. If anything looks suspicious, cancel the trip.

Good to know that, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) wants child lock to be removed from Taxis/Cabs to prevent crimes against women.

DCW Chairperson Swati Jaihind has said,

“If a female passenger is travelling alone and the cab driver activates the child lock, she will not be able to open the door from inside. This could increase the possibility of a crime against her.”

Fayed Souza has something to say on this as well.

Also check this video on self defense for your safety:

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