Every Indian Must Be Aware Of These 13 Rights

Our Constitution has granted us a number of of rights that we are not aware of, we have compiled a list of rights that will make you life easier.

The police exploits us when they realise we are not aware of our rights because we really don’t know. This list will help you make a better and aware citizen

Yes, the next time you are thirsty while having a fun day shopping or you have to take a pee break while on the way to work, you can enter any restaurant nearby and ask for a glass of water or use their washroom. According to the Indian Sarais Act, 1867, they can’t deny you these services. And yes, these services are for free.

If a cop refuses to write down an FIR you want to lodge, ensure that they themselves land up in jail for declining to do the work they are supposed to be doing!

This one is for people who claim ‘mah life, mah rules’! Nope! You should be aware of the rules and regulations of the law. If you aren’t, that’s no excuse to breaking it. You can be fined for it anyway.

Under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the cops have to give complete privacy to a rape or sexual assault victim. They cannot put the victim on display in front of the reporters and masses.

Happiness is… being able to bask in the glow of motherhood. And no one can take that happiness away from an expecting mother. A pregnant employee cannot be fired from the job.

Rejoice all you unmarried couples out there! Now you can achieve #TravelGoals #TravelDiaries without the inconvenience of being denied a hotel room.

A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, a woman in India cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. Before this ruling, there had been several instances where women were harassed by the cops during the night.

After the mental and physical trauma that a rape victim goes through, she/ he should be visiting the doctor first, not a police station. Medical help first and foremost, then legal help.

Bet you did not know this one! Don’t refuse to take a breathanalyser test, people. Better yet, please don’t drink and drive. You can always call for an auto or book a cab.

Yup. You read this one correctly! PDA within its limits is allowed under this section. However, any obscene activity is punishable by law. You can end up with a jail term of up to 3 months. And since ‘obscene activity’ hasn’t been clearly described by the law, cops generally end up harassing couples.

In the age of piped gas, many of us still use the regular LPG cylinder. Did you know that domestic LPG cylinder users are entitled to a cover of Rs. 40 lakh? You are entitled to this claim in case of loss of life or damage to property due to cylinder explosion.

If you are in a live-in relationship, we bet you have to go through a lot of judgmental looks. But don’t worry, you are doing nothing illegal. As long as both of you are consenting adults, live-in relationships are not prohibited. Trivia- Children born out of live-in relationships are entitled to inherit their parents’ property.

Have already been fined for flouting a traffic rule? Well, as long as you keep the chalaan slip handy, you cannot be fined for flouting the same rule the same day again. But why not follow the rules we say. What’s the rush anyway?

Let us know if some other rights/laws that can be added to the list and we will make sure, it is.

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