These Brothers With Rare Genetic Disorder Never Leave Home Out of Fear of Being Mocked

How would you feel if you are not allowed to step out of your own house? You’ll feel like you have been put under house arrest? You’ll feel suffocated? Meet Ramesh and Laxman Jadhav, two 8 and 13 year old boys who have no choice but to stay at home all the time. Because they suffer from a rare genetic disorder the symptoms of which render them with high cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis. Yes, at the tender age of 8 and 13, the brothers are already experiencing illnesses that are generally associated with old age.

Residing with their mother Savita Jadhav, 30, and father Ankush Jadhav, 37, in the city of Pune, Ramesh and Laxman are plagued by an undiagnosed and unknown condition. Due to this, they stay at home; because of a weak immune system and also out of fear of being made fun of. This genetic disorder has also affected their dental health and they have no teeth. They have been on a liquid diet for a long time now.

Several tests have been conducted on the brothers, but doctors, from India as well as from Germany and USA, are unable to find the cause of their quick aging. To add to the brothers’ woes, treatment on their disorder can be started only once it is figured out what they are actually suffering from. Because if wrong treatment is given, their condition might worsen. The family is consulting Dr. Aayush Gupta who is an assistant professor at DY Patil Hospital, Pune. When the doctor referred the brothers’ case to the Progeria Research Foundation in the USA, they concluded that it was not Progeria. However, some of the doctors who Dr. Aayush consulted believe that it is a condition a similar to genetic progeroid.

Ramesh and Laxman aspire to be doctors themselves and are eagerly awaiting the day when they can go to school to study. They had tried going to school once, but their peers made fun of their condition and in the process, ended up hurting the brothers. Since then, their mother refuses to send them to school. Afraid that her children might die at a young age, Savita is hoping and praying for a medical breakthrough. In an interview with MailOnline, she said, “We know they are ageing fast and could die any time. We have spent every penny we have on trying to help them but no one has come forward with any answers. We do not expect any miracles but we do want someone to make life comfortable for them.” She also added that her kids “survive on a liquid diet or mushy rice. And they often tell me they’re in pain. I see parents with their normal kids and then I see my children. I feel so bad to see them suffering like this but what can I do? I am helpless.”

In the year 2007, Savita had to deal with the loss of her eldest son Ganesh who was taken away from her in a tragic accident. She does not want to undergo that pain of losing a child again.  She told MailOnline, “I often wonder if any other mother suffers like me. I had three children; one died and two suffer from a life threatening disease. I can’t explain the torture I feel inside. I work to try and keep my two children well, all I do is for them.”

Despite their grave illness, Ramesh and Laxman are always happy and smiling and they never complain, thus teaching everyone a lesson in innocence and humanity. Let’s hope that medical science finds a remedy for these pure souls’ illness so that they can grow up to be the doctors they dream of becoming.

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