5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Home-Quarantine


a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to the infectious or contagious disease are placed.

There are no two ways about it now. COVID-19 has officially been declared a pandemic. Many communities are living in a state of panic, with the number of cases growing exponentially in countries like Italy, China, South Korea, etc. The governments of various countries are advising people to avoid public places if absolutely possible, and many institutions like schools, colleges, and offices are being locked down till further notice. 

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It’s a kind of situation which has not been experienced by many people of the current generation. Therefore, the unpredictability leading to fear is understandable. Nevertheless, there are certain ways one can prepare himself/herself for self-quarantine. After all, it’s a fight that almost every human will have to make an effort for with the common enemy.

Apart from just rushing to the market scouting for best-branded sanitizers and the least weird looking face masks, here are some measures one needs to keep in mind to successfully tackle this pandemic:-


1. Practice Social Distancing Seriously

Given the exponential rise of cases of infections and expected to rise further, it is time to recite and practice the old quote ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Social distancing is one such way of preventing the infection. 

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Avoiding public places, metros, large gatherings like parties or weddings is one such way. These are the most vulnerable places to get the virus into your systems and are one of the reasons for making the number of infection-chronology curve steeper. 

Social distancing can dramatically ease down the rate at which the infection is spreading, as argued by some health authorities, hence easing the burden on the healthcare system. Here is a quite comprehensive analysis of how COVID-19 spreads exponentially in various situations

Therefore, it’s time to reconsider your weekend plans and just cherish your homely air, doing everything you said you would do ‘if you had some time’.

2. Isolate family members with chronic conditions

This sounds really difficult to execute but at the same time, it is imperative to keep this in mind at all costs. Given the current data, Coronavirus has not only infected people with chronic conditions in large numbers but in some cases, has claimed their lives too. In this case, one needs to remember “With great illness comes great responsibility”

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If you think that you’re developing symptoms similar to the ones associated with COVID-19, the foremost thing to do would be to keep away from all the family members, especially the ones with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc

This is the time when we can show how much we care by distancing ourselves from our loved ones in case we catch the symptoms. 

3. Stock up essentials

No matter where you come from, quarantine imposed by the government is not a deniable possibility. There have already been orders to lockdown certain public places, along with canceling some major events and shutting down corporate and educational institutions. 

This might just be an alarm bell to prepare ourselves for a big quarantine. In this case, it is essential to be fully equipped with important supplies like non-perishable food items like crackers, biscuits, ready to make meals as well as cleaning supplies like disinfectants, washing powders as there might not be ample opportunities for the same in the coming times. Check out this video to understand what kind of essentials can you stock.

Bathing and hand-washing soaps are very important along with sanitizers and face masks(if available). Let’s not leave any chance of regrets due to ignorance.

4. Medicinal Supplies

Our sincere ask for sanitizers and face masks is totally understandable. These are first-line prevention measures and are extremely important but at the same time, it is also important to keep ourselves healthy and take care of any illnesses if developed during this time. 

Basic medicinal supplies, Including over-the-counter medications to alleviate possible symptoms like fever, common cold, dry cough, and body aches would be a start. Keeping an ample supply of prescribed medication for already existing illnesses is absolutely recommended. 

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Also, it might be an important time to reconsider the decision of taking anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or cortisone as these drugs might aggravate the symptoms of the infection.

5. Sanitize homes and phones periodically

Perhaps, this is the time to give more credit to the people with the obsession with cleanliness as they might just save the day. Though, keeping our homes clean is always recommended, those lazy people who find it too much to ask need to buckle up and make some cleaning efforts that they won’t wholeheartedly cherish. 

As already said above, keeping supplies of disinfectants and cleaning solutions is recommended but using them regularly is recommended even more. Let’s keep the germs at bay for some time.

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Some people always have this intuition that they are invincible and won’t get affected by these so-called ‘pandemics’ but some of the people already affected might have thought the same way. It might be an old cliche statement but has proven to be true numerous times. Fighting these difficult times is never easy and not letting our ignorance take the best of us is a start.

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