Hindu Man Fighting For His Life After Saving 6 Muslim Neighbours After Mob Burned Their House

Delhi is burning. The areas are on fire. The lives are getting lost. The divide is getting greater every day. Prayers are increasing. 

The national capital witnessed extremely horrific communal riots over the past few days, which initially began as a clash between pro and anti CAA groups. It didn’t take a lot of time to start emitting the communal color, the manifestation of which left more than 20 people dead and approximately 200 injured.

Source: NYTimes

In the wake of all these atrocities, there are some unsung heroes who actively came forward to help the helpless people on the streets affected by the riots. Some of the Gurudwaras of Delhi wholeheartedly welcomed the Muslim families who had no choice but to abandon their neighborhoods. Just like this, there have been many instances of some great humanitarian gestures and humanity couldn’t be more grateful.

One of those heroes turned out to be a Hindu man, who put himself in harm’s way and saved the lives of six of his neighbors when an angry mob set their house on fire. His name is Premkant Baghel.

Source: NYTimes

He decided to respond out of his humanitarian instincts when he saw his Muslim neighbor’s house being set on fire. It was an element of surprise for him when he saw the hatred among people as he said that the Hindu- Muslim community has always lived in harmony in Shiv Vihar. This incident painted a totally contrasting image of his view. While some of us could only run our imagination about things we would do in this situation, he didn’t pay it any mind and just ran inside the burning house and rescue the people trapped inside. While it was a fortune for those people that Premkant Baghel was able to act on time, he had to pay the price of putting himself in that position when he got several burns on his body.

Source: NYTimes

With 70% of his body burnt, it is already very hard to imagine enduring such a level of pain. Even then, there was no one who offered assistance to take him to the hospital so that he could have gotten the help that he needed. The neighbors called an ambulance but it never showed up. All hope was lost when he just laid there for the entire night. The next morning, he got all the medical attention in GTB Hospital and is currently battling for his life. 

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