Dog Donated Blood And Saved Fellow Canine’s Life In Kolkata

Dogs are pure love and if you don’t love them, watch Paatal Lok. They can literally save your life.

A labrador dog in Kolkata saved the life of a fellow canine by donating her blood.

Labrador Soya donated her blood to a 13-year old Spitz, Danny.

Danny is suffering from a kidney problem and was brought from Chennai by his human for the treatment. Danny needed blood and Siya turned up at the hospital to save his life. Siya is being hailed as a superhero.

Dr. Debjit Roy, a vet who was taking care of the donation said, ” He has chronic renal failure and as a result he needs blood. We don’t often get blood donors as there are limitations of awareness and also because treatment is comparatively new in Kolkata. We are glad we got a donor for Danny.”


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Siya quietly went, sat down, and donated blood without any trouble. It took around 15 minutes to donate the blood.

Lucky for Danny, one bag was enough for him. He recovered and was discharged in a few days.

Both the dog are being hailed as heroes.

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