Here Are The Precautions You Can Take To Safe Guard Yourself From Delhi’s Smog

A metropolitan city always struggling to be ahead of everyone in this sphere of opportunities. But situations like these make it far back from its rivals. Delhi people are inhaling polluted air in the name of success. With one of the world’s best metro trains and all developed transport facility, Delhi still fails to provide a breath of fresh air. But before we hop on to the precautions we need to take to tackle smog, we need to know what smog is.

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What is smog?

A smog is a hazardous blend of some poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. When all three gases get combined with sunlight, they form a ground-level ozone. Ozone’s function is to protect the atmosphere from harmful radiations being a protective layer, but when it is converted into the ground-level ozone layer it proves to be very very dangerous. In winters smog is more persistent because the smoke (the harmful ozone layer) gets combined with fog and takes the form of smog.

What causes it?

Automobile emissions, power plants, industrial boilers, refineries, chemical plants, cleaning products, paints, varnishes, waxes pesticides and crop stubble burning in the nearby states attributes to its causes.

How does it cost your health and who is at a higher risk?

A lot of respiratory tract infections can come into your way like asthma and can deteriorate your health. It can have a severe effect on your lungs and can even lead to lung cancer. In some cases, irritation in eyes can also occur. Children, elderly and those with a weak immune system are most likely to be affected by smog.

But despite all these conditions, we still have to be moving ahead with our daily activities and have to fight back. So here are some tips and precautions to follow to cope up with the current scenario.

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Buy a pollution mask, asap! – it’s the time of the year when you need to invest in a pollution mask. Before heading out of your houses, cover your face with the pollution mask to minimize the effects of pollution. N95 and N99 are the two options for the mask which are highly recommended by medical experts. They can be easily bought online or from local chemist shops.

Stay indoors – avoid morning and evening walks and try to exercise only at home till the situation gets better. A recent study claims that Delhi’s morning walks are highly dangerous to your lungs and can cause a great deal to your immunity. So, think twice, whether you are heading out for fresh air or for the deadly smoke.

Stay covered up and maintain hygiene – this is the time of year when you get most infected with infections, so try to wear full-sleeve clothes and full bottoms. Also, it is very important to wash your hands and feet every few hours because of the dirt particles present in the environment. If possible, try to clean and wash your surrounding roads in order to settle the dust and pollutants. This will oppose the particles to flow into your nostrils.

Grow trees as well as adopt indoor plants – Plants discharge oxygen, something which is significant for life to survive. So, the best way to improve air quality is to grow as many as trees as you can in your surroundings. Also, one can grow significant varieties of indoor plants in their houses or workplaces, like aloe-vera plants, spider plants, or bamboo palm.

Avoid going near construction sites – doing any kind of construction work or even going near the construction site means inviting pollutants into your respiratory tract. Avoid all the work related to construction for a while to be safe for a lifetime.

A good air purifier is a must in houses – installing an air purifier is the easiest way to get rid of the toxic pollutants in your home. If you have children, elderly, or asthma patients in your house, then investing in an air purifier is a must. A good air purifier costs between 6000-30000 and spending that much money is worth rather than spending it on a doctor.

Use a closed-transport system – avoid traveling in open vehicles such as two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws. Always opt for metros, buses, and cars. Also, it would be a plus point if one tries to adopt for carpool as one of the biggest causes for such high level of pollution is the fuel emission.

Avoid smoking and all sorts of burning activities – it is very important that we avoid smoking cigarettes or hookahs as it only makes the situation worse. Avoid using wood stoves as well as lighting bonfires.

Eat good, stay fit, and keep your immune system healthy – at last, it is very important that you maintain a good diet and include lots of fruits and vegetables to maintain a perfect water level. Also, drink lots and lots of water. Water helps to get rid of extra toxins in our body. In order to keep your immune system health, include vitamin C and Vitamin A rich foods in your diet such as oranges, carrots, lemon. Try to inculcate ginger and garlic in all your foods and consume yogurt once or twice a day. You can also consume jaggery and honey to keep your immune strong. All these foods help to fight the immune system against certain diseases and thus make us strong in coping up with Delhi’s deadly weather.

The idea is not to scare you, but to make you aware of the current scenario in Delhi and even the neighboring cities, and what all you can do to be safe and sound. Each little step or precaution taken can lead to a bigger change in the society. It’s high time Delhiites that we do something about this situation or the day is not far when we all have to rely upon those scary oxygen cylinders when there would be no trees and not even a single ounce of fresh air to savor upon.


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