India Needs To Calm The F**k Down About CoronaVirus: Here’s Why

Yes, people are losing their minds about this new outbreak and it’s a chaotic situation but pause for a moment and think about it. Before that, it’s better to take necessary precautions (Read:  Precautions To Take To Avoid The Spread of CoronaVirus)

Coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Before we move any further, let us move the definition of the word ‘pandemic’ out of the way.

According to the definition given by the WHO (World Health Organization), ‘pandemic’ is a global spread of a new disease. By its classical definition, there is no suggestion of population immunity, virology or disease severity, which is very important to point out, since this article is about highlighting some misconceptions which have created a ‘mass hysteria’ in several countries.

CoronaVirus outbreak doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon and it has started affecting daily lives now. As of today March 12, India has canceled all inbound Visas till April 15 including OCI holders, putting the country on an effective self-imposed quarantine lockdown. 

Meanwhile, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been declared with the virus taking this outreach to the top guns of Hollywood. It has effectively gained cult status. 

While all of us are done with the Corona Virus message on every call, every f*cking call, Indian stock market SENSEX has crashed 8.18% today (2919 points); one of the biggest single-day sell-off in history. The market is crashing amidst panic selling due to the outbreak. BUT

Yes, there is a but, there always is. 

We looked at some numbers and things simply didn’t add up. There are talks about IPL getting canceled or postponed, whether there will be Olympics 2020, to be held in July 2020 or not, a whole country on lockdown. Flights going empty to keep the slots. Football matches are happening behind closed doors. In short, there is a worldwide panic but in a lot of ways, Indians need to go gaga over this outbreak. Keep calm and keep having those roadside gol gappas. 


Indians Have relatively Stronger Immunity 

Source: The Better India

We grew up in the streets, dust was our friend. We have had all the unhygienic street food there is. This is valid for all the developing nations or the ‘Third World” countries, so to say. Indians have stronger immunity and can withstand a virus attack. 

We are exposed to many infections during our childhood and our immunity system is pretty robust. While a foreigner is sweating while Indian food and running to the loo post that, we keep devouring our food, it can’t do sh*t to us. Most Indian food is good for our immunity including Haldi, Jeera, Saffron and what not. So cheerio. 

Numbers simply don’t add up

Over 70% of people infected with COVID-19 have been recovered. As of March 12, there are 73 cases of CoronaVirus in India, a country of over 1.3 Billion. 

As per this BBC report, there is a roughly 1% fatality rate. 


The number of deaths reported in this outbreak has certainly grabbed the anxiety of the people by its neck. However, the reality is not as assumed. The fatality rate of COVID-19 is a cause of concern but not in a way that people imagine it to be. 

The people who have proven to be at a higher risk of the severity of this disease are the ones with chronic diseases or elderly citizens over the age of 60. According to the data published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the highest death rate is among people over the age of 80 (15% of people in this age group). Moreover, people with chronic conditions like high blood pressure, cancer, kidney problems or diabetes are also quite susceptible to the severity of this infectious disease. According to the latest data, about 9% of people with diabetes who got infected died. 

Furthermore, in China, the epicenter of this epidemic, a report stated that the condition of nine hospitalized children, who were diagnosed with COVID-19 under the age of one, was relatively stable and did not require any intensive care or had any severe symptoms. 


We Have Much Bigger Problems 

Manual Scavenging is still a thing. There is no other undignified job as this one. India has one of the highest road accidents and rape cases every day. India has 1% of the world’s road traffic but accounts for over 6% of road accidents. 

From the whole CAA situation to the crashing economy, the CoronaVirus outbreak is a peanut-sized problem. 

Avoiding meeting people and going outdoors? Try telling that to people standing in Yes Bank (read Yes Bank Crisis) line to get their money.  


“Namaste” is becoming the symbol of CoronaVirus Outbreak

Once the outbreak started, people started exploring other ways to greet, the handshake is not so friendly now, eh? In an attempt to avoid any physical touch, the world is giving Namaste its due credit. Here are some images:

Prince Charles


French President Emmanuel Macron 

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


We Don’t Need Toilet Paper

This is such a first-world problem. When the news about the possible transmission of this disease by sharing tissue rolls in the washrooms came out, people started losing their minds and just started stockpiling as much as they could. While it is understandable for countries that use these tissue rolls extensively, we got our asses covered. Nice and Fresh. 


Virus Can’t Survive Indian summers

When we barely do. There is no denying the fact that the environmental conditions do have a word in deciding whether a virus sustains in a region or whether it withers away. 

In regions with high temperatures, viruses don’t last long. When it comes to India, its high temperatures in summer have proven to be a natural defense mechanism against some of these viruses. 

This could be a factor in keeping viruses like Ebola, yellow fever, SARS, etc. at bay. These viruses spread easily in cold and less humid climates, which is why they have proven to be more infectious in countries like Japan and South Korea. Therefore, summers are imminent and forget Virus, not sure if you will. 

It’s safe to say Indians have been preparing for this outbreak all their lives. Oh Yeah! 


Image Source: SabrangIndia

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