Young Indian Leaders Who Are Setting The Bar Too High

Age is no more a criterion to achieve success. A million thanks to technology for bringing those young talents to light. Getting to know about these youngest achievers can literally give you heebie-jeebies. Their achievements clearly reveal that age is just a number, and intelligence is certainly independent of all these things. Let’s quickly take a sneak peek of these youngest achievers in India that are setting examples to the others.  


  • Ayan Gogoi Gohain 
Source: IndiaTImes


This 4-year old Munchkin from Assam has taken people by surprise with the brilliant story-writing skills. While most of the other kids of this age go through a phase of experimenting with the newly learned vocabulary, here comes a genius who has won the ‘Youngest Author award’. He has penned down all his thoughts in the most creative manner in his storybook. This little boy is influenced by the stories that his beloved grandpa narrates to him. The little boy made it to ‘The India Book of Records’ and has awarded him with a title. His book ‘Honeycomb’ has fantastic tales jotted down from those teeny-weeny fingers and has been published with some colorful pictures to make it look appealing. Well, this kid also has an amazing flair for penning down those things that he fancies in his everyday life, isn’t his story inspiring enough to stay motivated?


  • Sanush Suryadev 


When all the 12-month toddlers would be learning their basic skills of using the lavatories and trying to identify a few colors, Sanush is one such child prodigy that has left everyone awestruck. This little boy declared that he was a cricketer when he was just six months old. He demonstrated brilliant bowling skills when he was half a year old. He played the shots like an experienced player. His perfect style, sweeping shots, everything was just too outstanding. Well, he is popularly known as ‘Junior MSD.’ He made it to the Indian Book of Records as the “Youngest Child Cricketer,” and we hope this guy is going to create a sensation in all the cricket fans with his gifted skills.


  • Sreelakshmi Suresh
Source: Abdul Kalam Fan Club


At the age of 8, a lot of children would be busy making friends and cribbing about their schools. Well, there are a few exceptional cases too. One amongst them is Sreelakshmi Suresh. This gorgeous little lass hails from the ‘God’s own country’ and is recognized as the World’s Youngest designer.’ At the age of 3, she was the youngest designer, and at the age of 8, she turned into becoming the youngest CEO. It’s mostly after studying in reputed colleges; someone turns into an entrepreneur, designer, or anything of their choice. But, this girl was always fond of computers from a very early age. She showed an amazing interest in web designing when she was three years old. She had designer for her school that got launched when she was eight years old. She is also a proud recipient of ‘The National Child Award’ that was given to her by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.


  • Kautilya Pandit


This cute little boy from Haryana is known for his elephant’s memory. His IQ score is 133.5 and probably one of the youngest to have such a great IQ level. His brain can recall and remember all the tutored things within seconds, and that left ‘the Big B’ from Bollywood stunned on his KBC show. It felt like the computer was unable to match the speed of this super-kid. At the age of five, Kautilya from Haryana was a star; he was on the hot seat of KBC with Mr. Bacchhan. Kautilya is fondly called as ‘Google Boy,’ and that says it all.


  • Aravind Chidambaram
Source: India Chess Federation


A 14-year old boy making it to the position of the famous ‘chess grandmaster,’ Vishwanathan Anand is quite a fascinating this isn’t it? Aravind Chidambaram is one such kid who has already earned the title of grandmaster in the most intelligent games. With his levels of IQ and the passion towards chess, Aravind bagged the Grand Master championship in April 2015. In the year 2014, he had already won the International master for his exceptional chess playing skills. 

Well, we hope that your jaws don’t drop in amusement reading through this list of child prodigies. These kids will truly make everyone understand that age is just a number, but nothing else!  

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