Woman Overcomes Bullies And Becomes International Beauty Queen

“When the will is ready, the feet are light,” is the proverb that is well defined by the 21-year old Joanna Joseph who is the second Miss India Worldwide contest. Joanna Joseph was an overweight child who had got bullied by friends and family until her teen years. Her story of losing weight, overcoming bullies, and gaining her self-confidence back is quite inspirational.

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Joanna steeped into depression when she constantly bullied for being overweight. She binged on to emotional eating to comfort herself which further increased her weight. At the age of seven, she already weighed 60 kgs. This was something she was ashamed off but couldn’t give up the habit of overeating easily.

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Her only solace was the personal diary that she maintained and the company of music. She loved listening to Linkin Park and Justin Bieber, until one day she decided to put an end to all the hoopla surrounding her weight issues.

At the age of 16 (100 kgs), she overhauled her dietary needs and switched to healthy eating that included fruits and vegetables. She started to shed a few kilos with this diet without hitting the gym, still, the bullying did not stop. In the fields closer to her home, she used to run in the night for two hours that made her lose a lot of weight.

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She was bullied again for losing weight quickly and taunted for doing drugs. That was the time she gave a deaf ear to all the taunting and bullying and took the matter in her own hands. Her grit to lose weight and turn into a supermodel and a beauty pageant contestant put an end to her feeling miserable and turned a lot of heads.

Gradually, when she saw all the positive changes that were happening because of her grit to lose weight and face the world boldly, she knew that she is not going to remain in the same situation forever.

Today she looks stunning which is the result of her hard work, grit, determination, and never-say-die attitude. She achieved all this without going to the gym or binging on weight loss pills.

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It is sheer grit and the focus on her goals that made Joanna Joseph achieve what she wanted and prove those who taunted and criticized her wrong. Joanna Joseph’s story can inspire many those who are struggling with weight issues and being bullied. If she can do it, why can’t you?

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She didn’t let the harsh criticism, bullying, and depression come in her way. She overcame all the negative experiences and turned it into something wonderful and admirable. Today she is an inspiration to all the young girls and women who are wallowed in their weight issues. You can take a slice of advice from Joanna Joseph and change your diet, lifestyle, habits and shed a few kilos.

No goal is a herculean task unless you decide to achieve it. Joanna Joseph’s story is about willpower, self-determination, and focus which led her to where she is today.

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