These Two Banker Brothers Left Their Lucrative Jobs to Become Organic Farmers In Their Ancestral Village

Two Brothers”, Satyajit & Ajinkya Hange are driven by their passion for farming and everything organic. Graduating in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune, Satyajit pursued Management Post Grad degree from PUMBA, whereas Ajinkya went on to become an MBA. Both of them worked in plush jobs at popular Banks like Citi Bank, DBS, HDFC, and HSBC for several years. But unlike most people of their age, their cushy jobs that fetched them lucrative incomes failed to satisfy them and went back to their roots to become Organic Farmers.

Being born in a farmer’s family, they wanted to pursue their long-loved passion– farming. However, the societal norms initially made them apprehensive about taking farming as a full-time profession.

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But whenever they visited their village, Hange Brothers used to be fascinated by the organic farming methodologies. Even though, they were well-settled in their banking careers, their love for farming always lingered at the back of their minds.

They wanted to dedicate their time to a job more meaningful, an endeavor that would have a positive and direct impact on the growth of India.

After learning extensively about organic farming and doing hands-on farming for 3-4 years alongside their jobs, they finally decided to quit their jobs and jump into farming full-time.

A premium fresh farm produce supplier, Two Brother Farm uses completely natural farming methodologies and makes their own fertilizers and pesticides using everything organic.

They only use Cow dung and urine as manure as it is a potent source of innumerable valuable microorganisms that enrich the soil.

Generally, the farmers burn the plant residue on the field after harvesting. In the process, most of the carbon from the plants gets transferred back to the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, etc. thus rising global warming.

But in this farm, the empty spaces are mulched with organic stuff like dried twigs and leaves, which helps in maximum water retention. Mulching increases soil fertility and has many other advantages. In addition, tall trees have been grown around the farm which acts as a natural boundary and wind-breaker, preserving maximum CO2 and moisture content in farm’s soil.

They only use non-Genetically modified indigenous seeds and plants. When asked about why they have grown a variety of fruits and vegetables on his farm, Satyajit said: “Intercropping as it is the best way to grow plants. There is a symbiotic relationship between all the plants. When you plant a variety of plants instead of just one plant, they help each other grow fully and ensure natural pest control and nutrient management. Moreover, we get a variety of products to sell in the market. We intend to create a food forest– where all the trees give us fruits and veggies.”

So far, they have trained 1000 farmers to do organic farming. They also invite people to their farms from India and abroad to learn about organic farming, so if you are interested in learning from the best, be sure to get in touch with them.

This farm has been certified by the esteemed organic certification organization, Ecocert, and FSSAI. In their 7-year journey of organic farming, they have been able to create a niche for themselves in the market and are rapidly gaining popularity for their 100% organic farming methodologies. They are one of the few organic farmers in India who do farming commercially.

Currently, they sell variety of fruits and veggies (Pomegranate, Drumsticks, Papaya, etc.) Pulses, legumes, 100% cholesterol-free Cow Ghee, Jaggery and Superfoods like Moringa(sun-dried) under the brand name AMOREARTH –derived from the Spanish word AMORE which means Love and EARTH meaning Soil, both these words reflect the immense love and passion they have for Farming.

Their brand, Amorearth offers 100% lab tested organic fresh produce directly from their own farms, whereas Freshura offers fresh produce from other farms to the supermarket, thereby helping other farmers market their farm-produce.

Presently, they sell their organic farm produce to boutique supermarkets across Maharashtra. But it’s only a matter of time when you will spot their brands on the shelves of all major supermarkets across India.

Most of us are in a rat race but these two are living their life filled with passion– doing what they love. People who are driven by money may attain success faster, but people who are driven by passion, their success may take a little longer but they live a much happier and content life– and these two are the living proof. Kudos to them for they have successfully transformed their passion into their profession.

You can visit Two Brothers Organic Farms at the following address:

Village Bhodani,
Taluka Indapur, District Pune,
State – Maharashtra,
India. 413103

Or Click Here to contact Two Brothers Organic Farms.

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