This Pune Cooperative Has Been Silently Collecting Waste From Ganpati Festivals For A Decade And They Deserve An Applause

Celebrated with much pomp and splendor, Ganpati festival is one of the most awaited festivals across India. For folks in Maharashtra, it is safe to say, it is “The most awaited festival”! Cities, big and small come alive with alleys and corners decorated gloriously to welcome Bappa.

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The festival is nothing short of a sensory retreat with colourful panoramas to fill your eyes, gastronomical indulgences to leave your taste buds tantalized and soul happy, reverberating sounds of dhol tasha pathaks performing in a one of its kind spirit, the sweet fragrance, incense, and other offerings!

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In this age and time that we are living in, it’s hard to make choices. With the recent Ganpati festivities, there must have been many there finding themselves in a conflict between environment and festivities. Not to mention the cost one may have to pay for being environmentally and socially aware. This year’s Ganpati festivities were indeed an eyeopener, throwing light on businesses, small and big trying to make the most of this annual event. Shadu clay idols, for example, that were priced at ridiculously unreasonable made worshippers cringe having been left with little or no choice.

It does make you wonder, is there anyone out there really who does this with a noble concern and not to simply make money? This year it was noticed that the nirmalya disposal at most visarjan ghats was far more organised and efficient. Taking credit of this commendable job is SWaCH Pune Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.

What is SWaCH Pune Seva Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. ?

A laudable collective of 3067 self employed waste-pickers providing collection and management services of dry and wet waste. Authorized by the Pune Municipal Corporation (SWaCH-PMC), this management strives to attain a goal, with a mission and vision to benefit the society pioneered by the betterment of lives of waste-pickers.

With a mission to engage an entrepreneurial workforce of waste pickers into an efficient, responsive and accountable organisation, SWaCh has garnered support across various multinational companies. This year, industry giants including Cummins, Emcure and Sudarshan along with mindful citizens of PMC and PCMC supported SWaCH in their nirmalya event 2018. Together, the organisation managed to divert a whopping quantity of more than 121 tonnes of waste away from the rivers this Ganesh Festival.

How Did It Help the Environment and Society?

It is probably unimaginable to fathom the good brought about by diverting as much as over 121 tonnes of waste. What can be fathomed, however, is the level of awareness about the need to stop pollution in the rivers and better waste segregation.

How was the SWaCH Nirmalya Event 2018 Executed?

An enthusiastic gamut of over 200 volunteers making sure that the event was run smoothly and the objective was achieved.

The Outcome of the Event?

It is inscrutable to decipher what a day of thoughtful waste disposal can bring about. To present you numbers, 44,447 Ganesh idols, 33,3730 Haud idols, 9690 kilograms of nirmalya waste and as much as 23,665 kilograms of dry waste was disposed off efficiently. For eight years of well-planned disposal SWaCH has collected a staggering 960 Tonnes of waste.

What Next?

With so much awareness already out there, it is time we need to figure what is it that is making us uphold age-old practices. Practices that are causing irreversible damages, life threatening conditions, and an unseen environmental imbalance.

The Ultimatum!

Taking the situation in hands, is this amazing, humble group of people, striving to make this place and time better. We have direction, we have support, we have guidance; all we need to now do this take a step ahead!


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Article Contributed by Seema  Nande.

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