The Story of a Gardner Who Became The Principal Of Same College

Ishwar Singh Bargah, who had worked as a salesman, watchman, and gardener, now has a doctorate in Education. But achievements did not come that easy to him. From a very early age, Bargah started working to support his family and fulfill their basic needs. This 48 years old man initially came to Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, at the age of 19, after finishing his school education in Ghutiya Village and Baitalpur. The main reason for his coming toBhilai was to seek for a job to maintain his family.

Source: ThebetterIndia

At first, Bargah worked as a salesman in a cloth store at Rs. 150 per month. After spending almost all his salary on the welfare of his family, he pursued his BA Degree with the amount that he managed to keep aside from his salary. In 1985, Bargah also worked as a gardener in a college in Bhilai, to earn some extra money. He even worked as a parking stand keeper and a supervisor at a construction site before graduating in the year 1989.
After completing graduation, Bargah was appointed as the craft teacher of a college in Bhilai, where at night, he used to work as a watchman. College authorities, thus, understanding his potential, appointed Ishwar as an Assistant Professor.

Ishwar remains forever grateful to the college and the authorities. He adds, “I was provided enough support and guidance by Professor TS Thakur, the then Principal of the college, PK Shrivastav (HoD, Education), Dr. HN Dubey (HoD, Chemistry) and JP Mishra, who always stood by me to support me. I was shortlisted twice for Jabalpur Education College, through Pre-Bed Examination but could not join owing to lack of finances.”

Ishwar is a MEd, BPEd, and MPhil. In 2005, the Samiti members decided to make him the principal of a newly-established College known as Chhattisgarh Kalyan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya in Aheri.

“I also had a dream to join Security Forces, for which I had taken part in a number of tests and physical examinations but could not succeed”, adds Ishwar. Ishwar’s honesty and struggles in life are what makes him one of the most renowned personalities in Education today. His hard work had no bounds and so his success is sky-reaching now. People like Ishwar deserve salutes for their immense ambition and spirit of proving their point.

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