The Reason this Navy Officer Gave Up His Job To Be A Clown Will Make You Respect Him

It is amusing to find out that the white of a naval uniform can be changed to a colorful clown costume. Read more to know the real story.

Pravin Tulpule, a naval officer with a big heart wanted to make a change and do something more what he was already engaged in. He gave up his naval uniform to become a clown and visit the children’s hospitals to spend some time with those tiny dots and make them laugh their hearts out. he is also fondly called Happy uncle.

Pravin Tulpule’s motivation behind this was a tiny girl who died of cancer sometime after Tulpule performed for her. Since then, Tulpule’s only job is to make the kids laugh and forget about their tragedy, that is, cancer.

His family has been extremely supportive towards this decision of his. Tulpule left Navy in 2000 to pursue his career as a clown simply to bring smiles to the ones who are burdened with sorrows.

Tulpule has been honored by Bajaj Services as an ‘Invincible Indian’. He has done more than 4000 shows in these 17 years of his clown career and has made innumerable sufferers of cancer, smile and temporarily forget about their illness. Tulpule realized that he can be a good magician in 1974 while being a communications specialist in the Navy.

Not just these, Tulpule also visits orphanages and shelters for the poor, all for free. He hasn’t taken any money from any organization that contributes to children’s welfare. However, he earns by doing commercial shows regularly which gives him immense pleasure knowing that people from different parts of Mumbai gather to witness him performing. Tulpule has also successfully initiated many campaigns in ‘Anganwadi’ and other schools that made India a better place to live in.

Tulpule is an inspiration for all of us. He gave up his career pf 17 years that he had built with hard work and dedication, just to bring smiles on the faces of the kids who have almost forgotten what smiling feels like.

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