This Indian Couple Quits Their Jobs, Quietly Buys Land To Build Home For Tigers

Source: Facebook | Ranthambore National Park

Wildlife fascinates us all, but how many of us love it to an extent that we end up giving our assets and properties to these incredible species on earth? Believe it or not, such kinds of souls do exist. Aditya Singh and Poonam Singh are one such couple, who jointly turned an impossible mission into a possible future.

Source: Facebook | Ranthambore National Park

Aditya Singh, who was working in Indian civil services, quit his job along with his finely comforting lifestyle in Delhi for his love for wild animals. He and his wife Poonam settled in the remote corners in Rajasthan adjoining the very popular Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. This was back in 1998 and since then, the couple has been buying small pieces of land abutting the tiger reserve only to let the forest grow. 


The place that he has developed as a large green expanse is known as Bhadlav. Singh visited this area with a BBC filmmaker. He observed that many predators like Tigers were visiting this land which in turn was compelling farmers to sell them off. So, he decided to buy these land pieces. Following this, Aditya and Poonam took a decision to leave their city life behind to help the wildlife grow further. 

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Poonam visited Ranthambore with Aditya for the first time and fell in love with it. She always remembers the sight of a tigress with her three cubs on a small hill. The whole vibe for her was magical, and she urged her husband to settle in Ranthambore. To this date, they own 35 acres of land in Bhadlav, which is valued at around 1 crore

They purchased the land and let the forest come out of its own. Today, after 20 years, the land has turned into a lush green expanse where animals like tigers, leopards, and wild boars visit throughout the year. This initiative also helped the local farmers to continue farming as the wild species do not leave their habitat in search of food and water. Aditya has created water holes in the land to provide access to water to the animals even during the summers. 

Source: Facebook | Ranthambore National Park

The animals have now understood that they get their prey, water and shelter in this landholding and thus, they do not trouble the farmers anymore. Today, India has 50 Tiger reserves, and out of all of them, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is the biggest and the most famous one. The estimated population of tigers in the reserve is close to 60

Source: Quartz India

When asked about any development on the land he owns, Aditya said that money was never too important to him. He took this step out of his own love for nature and wildlife.  

Furthermore, the Singh couple is working on their side project; a home and a homestay that will run on solar and wind energy. At this place too, they will create water holes so that thirsty animals can come to quench their thirst during the hot days. 

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