This IAS Officer Quit his Job to Serve Under-Privileged Kids

Have you heard of “Unacademy”? If so, you might be knowing that it is an institution for the poor students who want to make it big! Well, its CEO, Dr. Roman Saini, an IAS Officer from the age of 22 is known to be the youngest to have ever become a doctor at AIIMS.
The turning point in Saini’s life was when, as a part of a camp, he visited a very poor village and realized what pain people go through every day in those areas and how they cope with all the suffering. He was extremely alarmed and affected by seeing the underprivileged and how their dreams had shattered due to their financial status.

However, his friend Gaurav Munjal and he started “Unacademy”, an online institute to train the otherwise poor youths of our country for competitive exams and provide them with a proper coaching regarding their subject and provide suggestions on the various aspects of their subject. When his new venture started gaining popularity, Saini left his job to pursue as a teacher. His YouTube channel and near about 1 million subscribers and 400 hundred videos which educate the youth who cannot afford quality education for competitive examinations. His subjects include Physics, Geography, Ecology, Arts and much more.
25 years old Saini could feel the stress that the poor parents go through in order to provide their child with a good education. Sometimes, the parents, due to financial conditions succumb to their limits and the child is deprived of costly coaching and materials. Our country, being a third world one, has immense poverty. Saini and his friend want to do their bit in curbing out the poverty that causes a child to give up his bright future. He is also helping the younger generation to improve their surroundings and chase their dreams. This struggle of Saini’s towards advancing India has received worldwide appreciation overall social networking sites. He hasn’t just inspired millions of Indians, but helped each and every student to dream big and achieve what they want.

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