There Are Scientific Reasons Behind These Indian Traditions

The world has always appreciated India for its traditions and rituals. A lot of daily habits of Indians make us different from others and make us Proud Hindustanis. As you travel from one state to another, you will notice different customs, traditions and rituals. All these traditions are of great value in Indian culture and these customs and traditions together make India a secular state within.

We follow these traditions so casually in our life that we never notice them performing. For example, whenever any elderly passes by we fold our hands and say Namaste in order to show respect. Have ever wondered that there could be a scientific reason to it?

We too found out a few interesting facts about these traditions and thought to share with our readers. After reading this article, you will come to know how our inherited traditions possess great scientific values.

⦁    Females wearing Bangles


Have you ever wondered why women wear bangles? As per a few sources it is revealed that the bangles that are worn in woman’s wrist is useful and create friction that in turn helps in smooth blood flow. Eventually the friction brings back the power to the body which is going out. The Ring shaped bangles do not have an opening and hence the power goes back to the body.

⦁    Murti Pooja or Idol Worshiping 


Of course Murti Pooja is one of the quintessential tasks of an Indian’s life and science says that it is important as these images create a good visualization in one’s mind. The good images help to settle your brain. The mental pictures help in the working of the brain. At last the visualization helps in building a strong association and the psyche will hold it and one can work better.

⦁    Applying Sindoor to the forehead


According to one of the articles in speaking tree, Sindoor is made of mercury, lime and turmeric. Turmeric is great antioxidant that keeps your body away from infections, mercury acts as a catalyst that helps in easing the stress and in turn keeps the brain active and alert. It also helps in controlling blood pressure, libidinal energy and activates sexual drive.

⦁    Charan Sparsh

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Touching the feet of our elders is our daily habit. When you bow down and touch the feet of your elderly then the energy passes from your hand to their bodies and when they keep their hand on your head, the energy is again exchanged. This exchange of energy provides zeal, vigour and self-confidence. The blessings after a charan sparsh act as a shield and it provides motivation and strength.

⦁    Fasting or Upvaas


Fasting not only helps in reducing weight but it has other benefits as well. Every day we consume lot of toxins; some knowingly and some unknowingly. Fasting helps our body to throw out these toxins and relaxes our body mechanism. The digestion system also rests when we fast and hence the system is cleaned completely.

⦁    Not Sleeping with the head pointing North Direction


It is said that when someone sleeps with his head pointing North direction, the body’s magnetic field become absolutely asymmetrical to the Earth’s magnetic field. As a result, the blood pressure of the body increases because the heart has to work more to overcome the asymmetry. Apart from that sleeping in this position triggers the iron of the body congregate in the brain and hence giving birth of several severe diseases.

⦁    Applying Henna, Mehndi


Henna is a very powerful herb. It is a cool herb and it possesses medicinal properties. It is true that henna calms and soothes a person’s mind and heart with its cooling effect. Applying henna on hands and legs in extremely beneficial.

⦁    No meat on particular days
Many people avoid eating meat on a few days in a week. This habit eventually helps them balance their diet. The vitamins, minerals and proteins one’s body requires from meat will be sufficient when one has meat twice or thrice a week. Overeating meat will lead to diseases like kidney stones, piles, colon cancer etc.

⦁    Ear Piercing


It is an Indian tradition that parents get their daughter’s ears pierced at very young age when the skin is too soft. Science says that ear piercing helps in the intellectual development of a person. Ear piecing helps in boosting the thinking power and decision making abilities.

⦁    Surya Namaskar


Surya Namaskar is usually done early in the morning and the habit of waking up early is always considered good. Waking up early from bed is a sign of a healthy life. Moreover looking at sun through water at the time is really beneficial for eyes and eventually for the whole body.

⦁    Wearing toe rings


A nerve from the second toe connects itself to the uterus and later to heart. Wearing toe rings strengthens the uterus and thus helps in keeping the regularity in menstrual cycles. Silver is a good conductor and it can assimilate the polar energies from Earth and passed it to the whole body.

⦁ Namaste

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The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.

Traditions when followed become a habit and keeping good habit makes you gentlemen and when traditions are supported by science then the benefits from then are uncountable. So keep up the good habit!

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