Now You Can Bet Legally on IPL At This Sports Bar In Pune With A Unique Offer

It is that time of the year, when you can take a break from your mundane and jump on a couch in front of the screen telecasting the IPL Match, with a chilled beer mug. What best than cheering for your favorite IPL team along with the betting, and sipping beer with your friends?

Did you just read the ideal situation that each sports fan has always been eyeing for? This could be only possible if you find a quirky yet amazing Sports Pub. Finding a Sports Pub in India can be a task resulting in failed attempts when IPL Betting is Illegal!

You can enjoy IPL Betting, grab your favorite beer, rum or whiskey, also win your favorite drink, catch hold of various delicacies, and yes, nothing’s Illegal! Say What? No, we ain’t drunk. Now stop running the horses of your brain and allow us to break the jinx as we are talking about the Sports Bar called 45 West in Pune.

Call it a delight, a funtainment, or a legal version of IPL betting, but it’s time for your 6th sense, lucky charms, and stars too to pass you with flying colors or a free glass of beer?

The joy of winning will double up when along with your favorite team winning you win two beer mugs, winning title of man of the match wins you, 2 pitchers! Now you know the drill if your guess hit the right stroke and your prediction is as brilliant as Dhoni’s helicopter shot, you win 2 free mugs of beer, free pitcher, and lots more! Here is a complete list.

And if your stars are in a fun mood and want to play with you, don’t worry the beers, rum, or whiskey won’t make a huge hole in your pocket. As the 45 West have happy hours for drinks, and several other offers rolling from time to time. The regular offers include the Beer/Rum/Whiskey/Vodka at Rs. 100, as per their Buy One Get One Offer, which is valid from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. While the Buy 2 Get 1 offer includes their price at Rs. 133, which is valid from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

And you know the fun part? The 45 West does not retain their offers just for 51 days of IPL but until the next IPL! Isn’t that a great offer? Indeed!

The other facilities at the Sports Pub or the Beer Restaurant include a pool table, dance floor, foosball, cocktails and a variety of menu with mouthwatering taste. With the 45 West Pune gets its first and solemn sports bar in the city, which along with the sports bar has a tremendous facility of a lounge area.

Betting or no betting, this IPL Season get your seats booked at 45 West, Pune where you enjoy your favorite sports with your friends amongst the sports fan! Cheer up Pune! Apart from the Buy One Get One free offers, which run all day long, these are the exclusive offers that is provided by the West 45.

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