Your Favorite WWE Stars Are Coming To India And Here Is How You Can Meet Them

Wrestling is catching up and how! With the Great Khali and a lot of Indians glorifying the age old ‘Kushti’, there is now a Sultan and Dangal in almost every part of India. With the fighting spirit that is instilled in our nation, India is all set to welcome the wrestling champions for all fans like never before. The event which is going to be held in one of the most coveted tourist destinations of India- Udaipur, it is definitely one of the most exciting events to look forward to this month!

A brand of AXL Sportstainment India (OPC) Private Limited is hosting one of the biggest wrestling event ever in the history of Rajasthan with a heavy set line up of 20 International wrestlers and 25 Indian Wrestlers, ENCOUNTER’18.

No Matter where you come from 619 is the ultimate finishing move and now Rey Mysterio is all set to fight this month in India and you can get a chance to meet your favorite wrestlers.

Get ready for a completely new style of Encounter with all of your favorite Wrestling stars. There are 25 Indian Champions participating and to add to the glitz of the deal are 20 International Wrestling Champions who would be making history by witnessing a fan base of over 25,000 people in the same arena.

The Rajasthani Mitti is all ready to host an event, one of it’s kind on its royal mitti. The event is to be hosted in the city of lakes, Udaipur- which is known for its unique venues and enthusiastic vibes. The city has so much culture inculcated in it and this event is just going to add to its rich heritage even further.

Wondering what the event has in store for you?

Well, if you thought that this was just another wrestling championship-then here is a good news. This is your ultimate chance to find out all that goes behind making the world of wrestling great and so exciting. Slated to be held in Khelgaon, this event is already exciting enough because of the venue. The venue has a capacity of 25,000 people and is popular for hosting a lot of other sports.

Not only this, if you are a big fan and want to win a chance to greet the hosts, then here is your lucky chance. 5 lucky folks would get to meet their favorite wrestling star and click a selfie with them. To know how check out the event’s facebook event page.

Which Stars will be there?

The Great Khali

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Rey Mysterio


Santana Garrett

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Rob Terry

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Bobby Lashley

Source: Wrestling News Source

All the stars that are gracing the event are big names in the wrestling world. Here are a few names that are sure to entice you enough to book your tickets right away. Right from the greatest of them all- The Great Khali, who has set records as one of the tallest champions in the history of WWE to Santana Garrett, a professional wrestler and model; there are various wrestlers who are going to be at the event. Rob Terry, who will bring the best of his Welsh origins to the Big Guy Ryback, there are so many exciting wrestlers awaiting you at this event. To add to the list of our wrestling stalwarts, we also have Bobby Lashley, Katie Phorbes, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Masters, John Morrison and many more.

To all the fans of wrestling who have grown up watching and imitating WWE, this event is once in a lifetime opportunity to spot so many of your heroes, under one arena. Do not miss out on this opportunity and Book Tickets right away!

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