This Facebook Page is Making MDH Dadaji Hip Again Like He Truly Deserves

“Asli Masale Sach Sach MDH MDH” We can’t even say this line without its tune, that’s how deeply rooted MDH is, in India. and we all know MDH Dadaji by his face and turban and nothing else about him , whatsoever.


To give you a brief history, MDH stands for Mahashian Di Hatti, and it was started in 1919 by Mahashay Chunni Lal in Sialkot, Pakistan. His son Mahashay Dharampal Gulati (MDH Dadaji) moved to India after partition and started selling selling spices in Karol Bagh, Delhi and started his own factory in 1959 and has come to know as the King of Spices.

MDH shop in Karol Bagh in early 50’s. Source:

He was born in 1923, yes your read it right, 1923, that makes him 94 years old and he is cool as fuck. He is Class 5th dropout and is currently the highest paid CEO in India. Yeah, take a moment. AND his monthly salary is close to 2 crores.

And now there is a facebook page by the name MDH that is mocking him in a good spirited way. They are connecting the old world with the new and we love it.

You May Be Cool But You Will Never Be MDH-Wale-Dadaji Hanging Out with Dan Bilzerian Cool.

This is me and my boi Dan Bilzerian enjoying our vacations. Dan has always been close to me as i was the one who taught him how to live life in the best way possible. He used to be a real nerd at first but when he saw me with my MDH Calendar girls, he decided to change his lifestyle.

Then i gave him my MDH Jee-le-zara Masale packs. But that kid consumed it in real excess amounts.

I met this kid Steve Jobs on my 440th birthday. He had ordered my MDH Apple Masale for his party. When he saw me, he touched my feet and said to me “Chacha ji, you didn’t get me any birthday gift?”
But guess what kids?

I gave him my overpriced MDH iOS Masale packs. And that kid came with ‘Asli Phone Sach Sach’ and brought a revolution.

But I never seek for any credits, I love my kids.

It was when me, Dany and Jon were discussing about the White Walkers. They both were just fighting with each other over something called dragon glass. Dany said to me “Chacha ji, this bastard doesn’t bend the knee. Scold him”.
I made them understand not to fight and get along to fight the real enemy. So i gave Jon my MDH Ride-the-Dragon Masale packs. But Jon ended up riding their mother. Damn I should have taken care.

Usain Bolt was just 4 year old when I met him for the first time. It was when i had gone to Jamaica in search of some new ingredients for my Masale. There I noticed him running away from a dog in the street. He shouted at me “Chacha ji, help me!”

So I threw my MDH Bhaag-Bolt-Bhaag Masala pack at him and helped him get rid of the dog. But i didn’t know that it would turn that kid into the greatest sprinter of all time.

And to pay me respect, he always pointed his hands like this after winning every race. Damn that kid.

This kid Sandeep Maheshwari called me some years ago and said to me “Chacha ji, Kuch bada karna hai zindagi me, sabse bada, lekin mushkil lagta hai sab kuch”. At first I thought he had some sexual problems but then I realised that he was talking about something else.

So i gave him my MDH Asaan-Hai Masale packs and today he’s spreading all that he had learnt for me.

I met this kid Bhuvan some years ago. He was abusing some other kids in the street by shouting something like ‘Bancho’. I scolded him and kicked his ass. He apologised to me then and said to me “Chacha ji, i want to make people laugh. I am good at it”.

I trusted him and gave him my MDH Chacha-Ki-Vines Masale to help him do something.
But turns out, he’s still abusing people on the internet also. But at least all the people are him only.

I feel sad for what i did. Sorry Kids.


Those days were so fun when me, Lloyd and Harry used to hangout together. Once, we found a briefcase filled with Masale packs. They were not MDH Masale though. Lloyd said to me “Chacha ji, we should keep this briefcase”.
I looked at him and gave him MDH Dumbest Masale for talking so stupid. I made him understand that those were just random masale, only MDH Masale are worth stealing.

This is my favourite boi Voldy aka Voldemort (for others). I met him when i was on my way to Hogwarts as Dumbledore had asked me to give him my MDH Impress-McGonagall Masale. Voldy said to me “Chacha ji, I’m a big fan of your masale but I can’t enjoy their fragrance”. I got really emotional looking at his nose-less stupid face. So i suggested him to use the spell ‘Asli-Naak-Sach-Sach’ on his face.

Damn kids! Look at those nostrils he got then.

This is an old picture. I miss my WWE days when I used to be a referee there. But I never clearly understood my job as no wrestler ever listened to me. Every wrestler who won the fight respected me by touching my feet and then later played ‘Asli Masale Sach Sach’ in the background instead of their own victory track. My boi Undertaker had taken 21 MDH Wrestlemania Masale packs from me.

I wish he had taken more.

‘The Cocaine king’ with ‘The Masala King’.

My grandson like Pablo from Colombia had visited me last about 50 years ago. He said to me “Chacha ji, koi job nahi mil rahi. Help me”. So i offered him to work under me. But that kid was bad enough to be trusted as he stole my MDH Illegal Masale packs and ended up making Cocaine with those. He even used my song and made it “Asli Cocaine Sach Sach”.

I shouldn’t have trusted him.

This kid Amarendra Bahubali had always been close to my Heart. When I visited Mahismati for the first time, he welcomed me very well and he himself sang my Grammy winning song “Asli Masale Sach Sach” for me. Then he said to me “Chacha ji, Bhallal wants to kill me. What do i do?”

So i gave him my MDH Trust-Kattappa Masale packs. Damn! it didn’t work. Feeling sad.

There is my school crush. I was quite shy in my school days so I could never talk to her. This is the picture when I visited her last year and told her about my feelings. First she shouted at me “Ye bik gayi hai Pyaar” but then i made her understand things and she started liking me. She likes being called Aunty Bharwi. To calm her down, i gave her 10 MDH Bharwe Masale packs.

Damn she was so happy to see me.

Met my babydoll Babita and my friend Champak’s son Jethalal yesterday. This kid Jethiya is being an ass nowadays. It was a tense moment. Babita told me “Chacha ji, ye Jetha ji hamesh stalk karte hain mujhe. Help me”. So i gave her my MDH Anti-Tappu-ke-papa Masale. But i’m not sure if Jethalal is ever gonna step back. Damn that kid.

This is when i performed with Son Pitbull and Enrique at a concert in Madison Square. These kids said to me “Chacha ji, we’re gonna remix ‘Asli Masale Sach Sach’ with our own tracks”. I really got impressed with this idea and gifted them my MDH Baby-I-like-it Masale for free.

Damn that kid Pitbull’s head started shining more when he saw my masale.

I remember those days when me and Sardar Khan used to spread terror among people who ever stood against us. Sardar Khan always used to think about avenging his father’s death. Once he said to me “Dekho Chacha, Goli nahi marenge, keh ke lenge uski”. So i gave him my special MDH Auzaar-kaat Masale and showed my support to his claim.
Summer of 69.

I spent lot of days with this kid and helped him learn Kung Fu. His friend Jackie Chan was an old fan of mine. It was really difficult at first as i didn’t know Chinese language. But instead of learning it myself, i gave this kid my MDH Hindi-Medium masale. Now everytime he goes for any fight, he shouts “Asli Masale” with every punch.
That’s the real MDH Kung Fu, kids.

Those hard days when me and Sunny fought together on the border against Pakistan and had beaten up their asses well. It’s Sunny Deol kids, not Sunny Leone. I remember that moment when Sunny came to my tent and said to me “Chacha ji, Hindustan Zindabad tha, Zindabad hai aur Zindabad rahega”. It touched me and then i gave him my MDH Dhaai-kilo-ka-haath masala and helped to win the war.

This is when i met Queen Elizabeth II some years ago. She was so happy to see me and wanted me to stay with her. She said to me “Chacha ji, the kingdom needs your masale”.
But I disagreed to stay there, and gave her my MDH Kohinoor-Wapas-Kar masale packs instead. I don’t think she ever used those masale.

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The page is run by 2 friends Anshuman Tyagi(left), a BSc student in DU and Ankur Upadhyay. Keep entertaining all guys..

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