11 Popular Facts About India We Believed Blindly That Turned Out To be Fake

From Prime Minister to National anthem –nothing escaped from the reach of fake stories in the recent few years. Recently, some rumours spread through WhatsApp and other social media even made their way into the mainstream news. Big organizations like UNESCO & RBI had to step in and state the truth.

Our friends and family often tell us stories they have heard from others. Some stories are so persuasive that we begin to believe the fabricated stories as well.

Below listed are some of the most popular Indian facts, but unfortunately, they are just fake tales passed on from one individual to the next.

#1: Claim: UNESCO declared India’s national anthem to be the world’s best Anthem

Source: tvaraj.com

Fact Check: False

This one has to be most circulated fact. You must have seen this on one social media platform or the other, which claimed that UNESCO has declared our National anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ as the best national anthem in the world. As an Indian, some of us also believed it and felt proud of it but there is no truth to it. UNESCO Chief clarified that no such award has been announced. UNESCO has not named India’s national anthem, or for that matter any other national anthem, to be the world’s best.

#2: Claim: UNESCO declared PM Narendra Modi as the best Prime Minister

Source: scroll.in

Fact Check: False

Yes, UNESCO again! It is one of the main alleged sources of fake news circulating in India. Fake news was circulated widely on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platform saying that the UNESCO awarded our Prime Minister Modi to be the best prime minister in the world.

#3: Claim: Hockey is the national game of India

Source: cultureindia.cnet

Fact Check: False

This is a common misconception most of us have grown up within this nation. So what is India’s national game? No, not cricket, though it is by far the most popular game in India. In fact, India does not have any official national sport. The Sports Ministry of India replied to an RTI saying that no game has been announced as the national game. What? My whole life has been a lie.

#4: Claim: Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash

Source: zeenews.india.com

Fact Check: False

We were told that Bose died in a plane crash and we just believed it. So, how did he die? After conducting several types of research, it was found that there were no reports of an airplane crash at the time when he allegedly died. No data could be found that proved that he was not alive– it just said that he was just missing.

#5: Claim: New RBI notes have a GPS chip to detect black money


Fact Check: False

Rumours circulated on WhatsApp that a nano GPS chip has been installed in the latest Rs 2,000 notes. The forwards said that this chip is capable of alerting concerned authorities if any black money was hoarded. The RBI had to clarify that the new notes do not have any GPS chip embedded.

#6: Claim: Lalu Prasad’s daughter was invited as a guest speaker to Harvard

Source: DNA India

Fact Check: False

A while ago, Lalu Prasad’s daughter, Misa Bharti posted a picture wherein she was standing on the Harvard podium. When the things went out of control and Harvard clarified that they did not call her as a guest speaker, she said that she paid the trip expenses herself and she only participated as an attendee, not as a speaker.

#7: Claim: Banaras is the oldest existing city in the World

Source: Toureto.com

Fact Check: False

This fact in itself is somewhat befuddling. More than 30 cities were there where people and animals lived in 1100 BC, which is much before than Banaras came into existence.

#8: Claim: Hindi is the national language of India

Source: The Hindu

Fact Check: False

India doesn’t have official national language. India is a diverse country with 22 major languages and over 720 dialects. It is true that most of the states commonly speak in Hindi but there are states where people do not speak Hindi at all. Each state has its own official language– be it Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, etc and it is decided by the state government.

#9: Claim: India is a secular country since Independence

Fact Check: False

Despite the fact that individuals from every religion fought together for independence, India was announced a secular country much later in the year 1976.

#10: Claim: A Photograph Of India On Diwali From Space

Fact Check: Fake

We Indians seem to fall for fake Diwali Night pictures from space every single time, especially when it comes with the NASA tag. During Diwali, an astronaut, Paolo Nespoli tweeted a picture of India taken from space wishing people a ‘Happy Diwali’. However, this picture was indeed clicked by Nespoli but it was taken 20 days prior to Diwali on 29th September. Indians have previously fallen for another fabricated ‘Diwali night’ photograph that has been circulated for many years now.

#11: Claim: A Photograph Of the Golden Temple From Diwali Night

Source: Navkaran Brar

Fact Check: Fake

We are so enthusiastic about the festival of lights, Diwali that we easily get fooled by fake or fabricated Diwali pictures. Just like the fake NASA pictures from space, a new picture of beautifully lit Golden Temple amidst numerous lanterns sailing in the air. Even Amitabh Bachchan fell for this cleverly photoshopped picture like many others.

It became so viral that the creator of the photshopped picture came forward to clear his intentions, saying that it is only a piece of art and he did not create it to fool people.

Have you heard any other fake facts? Comment below and tell us.

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