This Mosque In Mumbai Is Feeding Over 800 Jobless Laborers Daily

Over 80% of the population on this planet is affected by COVID-19. Indian, being one of the largest nations has been impacted in various ways. Life of over 100 crore Indians has changed and its showing in one or the other. People are stuck in other cities and thousands have lost jobs. People have come out to help but there is only enough that can be done.

Meanwhile, a mosque in suburban Sakinaka area of Mumbai is offering meals to around 800 laborers who have lost their jobs because of lockdown. It is also providing ration of rice and pulses to people in nearby localities, said Maulana Atif Sanabali of the Jama Masjid Ahle Hadis, located on Khairani road. As per TOI Maulana Atif Sanabali said,

Like COVID-19, hunger is also a serious disorder and affects everyone irrespective of religion. Our motto is ‘koi bhukha na soye‘.

A parallel story is playing in the region where thousands of laborers gathered in Bandra to go to their native place.


In the wake of a new day, we came to know yesterday that the lockdown is further extended till 3rd May. After knowing this, hundreds of workers came out on roads in Mumbai who are stuck in the city contemplating going home. 

These are the daily wage workers and now they demand transportation services so that they can go back home and stay with their families during these pandemic times. 

Amidst this pandemic and countrywide lockdown, the daily wage workers are worst hit. They lost their jobs and they are left with no money in hands either. True that the authorities and various NGOs are doing their bit to serve these workers’ food, but the thought of their families residing in their native places still haunts them. They demand to go back. 

As per a police report, some thousand of these daily wage workers gathered near the suburban Bandra bus depot and squatted at the road. The police arrived and started lathi-charge on them to disperse the crowd. 

Belonging to the states of West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, these workers do not want the food served to them, they just want to go home. They are insisting on the government and the authorities to arrange safe transportation for them so that they can see their families.

Police officials were deployed in big numbers to tackle the situation. Even the personnel from other police stations were called to control and maintain law and order at the spot. 

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