Magical Water Color Paintings That Captures The True Essence Of India

Rajkumar Sthabathy is a watercolor artist from Auroville, Puducherry. His paintings are recognized and exhibited all over the globe for the striking contrast and colorful details that brings his paintings to life.

His work depicts the portrait and street life of India. As raw as it can get, his work reflects a true Indian story right from a tired rickshaw puller to sadhus of Kumbh Mela. His paintings are nothing short of magic and it doesn’t shy from unapologetically wearing wrinkled faces.

Rajkumar Sthabathy

He aims to preserve true India in his paintings for the younger generation who is growing apart owing to technology and wants to capture before it disappears.

Enjoy some of his work below.

To check out more of his work head to his website.

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