About Us

Our Story

We have started this project because we feel India is one outrageously potential country, unfortunately due to certain lapses in the system and moreover due to foundational instability of our political system, our country is losing its edge, not only in global market but from ourselves.

We feel this is just due to the lack of ability to realize the potential and strength that only we Indians have and no one else in the world.

The Spiritual Empire seems to be lost with the odds of the age we are in. It is our honest attempt to make a difference.

But this can not be done alone. We need your help. If you agree with this please be a part of it and help us grow this message.

In the comments section mention the problems you feel, that are jeopardizing the growth of India. Try to think beyond the corruption because corruption is just the effect of a much bigger cause.

Please don’t keep yourself from participating, come forward and put your points. Together we can help.

Let’s Discover India with The Untold Story of India. Namaste.