Father Lost Son In An Accident, Donates His Organs, Saves 4 Lives

  • 21-year old Dikshant Thadani got his first job 7 days ago.
  • Met with an accident on the way to work near Birla Mandir, Jaipur
  • Declared Brain Dead after 4 days of treatment.
  • Family decides to donate his organ.
  • His kidneys, Liver and Heart were donated
  • His organs saved 4 lives.

Thadani family lost their son in an accident but that didn’t stop them from helping others.  Dikshant, a 21 year old boy from Jaipur lost his life when he met with an accident. his family decided to donate his organs after he was declared brain dead.  He was not wearing a Helmet. (TUSOI appeals all the riders to wear helmet)

Dikshant being taken for the final rituals Source: Patrika.com

Dikshant was rushing to his new job, when he met with an accident near Birla Mandir, Jaipur around 7:30 am. His office was located in Gaurav Tower. He was then rushed to SMS hospital where he was declared brought brain-dead. He underwent the treatment for 4 days but his condition didn’t improve.

Then, Volunteers from MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen’s Forum (MFJCF) convinced his family to donate his organs, to which his family agreed. His both kidneys, liver and heart were donated, saving 4 lives.

“The family is in deep sorrow as we have lost a young member. But, we are happy that his organs will save the lives of many others fighting for their life and he will coontinue to live among us,” said Ishwar Thadani, Dikshant’s uncle.

“We salute the family who took the decision to donate organs to save the lives of four persons. Diskhant never did anything without permission of his mother. Now, for donating his organs, his mother gave her permission,” MFJCF convenor Bhavna Jagwani said

So do The Untold Story of India team. Organ donation in India is still a underrated process. We appeal everyone reading to sign up for Organ donation.

How to donate Organ after you die?

You can register at the websites of ORBO, Mohan Foundation, ZTCC etc and they will send you a donor card but what really matters is that your family should know that you want to donate your organs after death if possible. Their consent is required even if you carry a donor card.

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